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Additional components for 3SB1, 3SB5, 3SB52 series

  • Overview

    Auxiliary contact, auxiliary alarm, shunt release, under-voltage and over-voltage release

  • Applications and functions

    OF and OFN Auxiliary contact: indication of the position of the device's contacts
    SD Auxiliary alarm: signaling of the position of the device's contacts by alarm only after the automatic release of the MCBs and RCDs due to an overload or a short-circuit
    S2 Shunt Release: remote opening of the device when a voltage is applied
    U2+O2 Under voltage release: protection of the load in the event of a voltage drop (between 70% and 35% of its rated value)

  • Features

    Suitable for MCB series 3SB5,3SB52, 3SB1-63N, 3SB1-125

  • Technical specifications

    Standard: IEC60947-5-1
    Rated insulation voltage: 500 V AC
    Rated frequency: 50/60 Hz
    Rated impulse withstand voltage: 5 kA
    Utilization category: AC14, AC15

Product Information

Product Information

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